What is Blooming Bloggers?


If you’ve been following me along on this journey so far, you’ve probably already heard me mention Blooming Bloggers at least once. How we formed, and more importantly, why there’s such a high demand is another story.

It all started when I met a fellow Portland Blogger, Kristina McInnis, through an organization I formed a year ago called Lace Collective. Kristina and I were comparing stories and sharing notes on what we noticed helped us grow our presence through social media. We also exchanged stories on what we learned to land us brand deals to expand our careers, and what NOT to do.

We had gone to countless conferences, workshops, and classes surrounding social media, branding, digital marketing, and monetizing…and you know what’s crazy? They ALL said the same things!

Take better pictures. Be more authentic. Be social. (If there were a ripping out hair emoji, I’d insert here.)

The truth is, there’s a lot more involved in the success of blogging, social media careers, and running your business through a social platform than what these conferences were releasing. Kristina and I saw a huge deficit, and we knew we would need to pull other surrounding resources to help with the cause and message of our voices.

We began to pitch our mission to our local community and brands we particularly loved and aligned with. The amount of excitement and support our mission received in 3 short weeks of planning was complete proof that Blooming Bloggers needed to happen.

Getting to your WHY is supported by how we do what we do, right? The crazy thing about any business, is that no matter the platform, we all share a common thread. We all need each other in one form or another. How we go about it, will get us closer to the return on our WHY. The likely is true that WHY we do it, is what we do with our HOW. See what I did just there…full circle right?! What, why, how are the main ingredients, and as long as those questions are being met, then you’re cooking some starter sauce!


Although Kristina and I may have our own success and failure stories, we both share a common goal. A larger community wide mission to provide and nurture a platform for entrepreneurs to grow and blossom into their dream careers. As business coaches, we want to offer new tools and provide guidance to grow your company to it’s fullest potential.

This event really wouldn’t have been such a large success if it weren’t for some major supporters. Our friend, Kristal at Studio Northwest provided a fully equipped rental space, shown in video below, with plenty of room for all attendees located in Northwest, Portland.

The video and edits on our Blooming Bloggers page are all done by an amazing production team, that I might add, completed final edits and cuts only weeks following the event. Klaxon Productions is next level in their story-creating skillset and professionalism.

Lastly, in order to create a real synergy of melding minds and cross promotion, the lineup for our support team and sponsors have been phenomenal! Part of running an ongoing and expanding business includes supporting other brands who align with your voice and mission. We at Blooming Bloggers love to see creative minds working together to help one another out, discover Brands that really fit them and their audience, and provide content to build their skillset.

I’ll link these companies below, you just might find your next service or product line you love too!

Swag Bags: Earrings: Vent, Fitness snacks: Flapjacked, , Active Wear: Brooke Taylor Active, Makeup Packs: Flawless by Friday, Retail: Hat Attack, Sunnies: Sunglass LA, Sunless Tanner: Selfie, Hair Products: Auric Salon

Sponsor List:

Tickled Pink, Photobooth: Smirk, Signage: Crave, Succulents : Vine & Dandy, Backdrop: Johnston Style, Props: Rivercity Environmental, Drinks: Blossom Brothers, Cupcakes: St. Cupcake, Flowers: ,

Treats: Cookie Dough Cafe, Airbrush Makeup: Tickled Pink, Flowers: Caroline Reusen

Now I turn the question to you. What brands or services do you love? Comment below and I can’t wait to tell you more about our next event in January!