Weekend in Portland


That’s right, I’m in a helicopter looking all bougie…but guess what? You get to be too!! Before I get into all the details, I had to stop by one of my favorite boutiques, Adorn. I’ve been visiting their many locations for several years and have grown to understand it’s not about the place as much as it’s about the people. Shop Adorn recently opened their 4th location in a high demand area of Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland. The environment is not only warm and welcoming, but the staff includes you as if you’re family. This outfit (above) was put together in literally less than 10 min…it was not only impressive, but smart. Why? It made me want to purchase more! Environment is everything, you can spend a full hour shopping and not find a thing perhaps due to a lack of vision or even having too many options…you feel me?

To catch a glimpse of what your, “Treat Yourself” experience could look like, don’t just take my word for it, let this video Klaxon Productions put together show you.


So once you get the outfit of your dreams, another must see in Portland is Oregon Helicopters. Not only is it the only sky view of the city that takes off from the rooftop of a downtown building, but there are a variety of tours to choose from. Whether you’re wanting to see the city from a birds eye view or on a romantic date, Oregon Helicopters offers guidance and creates an experience truly unique to the individual.

Pictures and video content above: Klaxon Productions

Pictures and video content above: Klaxon Productions

Part of creating the full experience in the city is staying somewhere you can be within walking distance of main attractions, see a clear view of the cityscape, and have amazing food. The Porter hotel is hands down one of my favorite hotels in the city…and I live here! lol

Not only is the Porter hotel in one of the most convenient spaces downtown to walkable attractions, there are several bar and dining options between an attached restaurant called Terrane Italian Kitchen and Bar, as well as one of my favorite rooftop sights in Portland, called Xport Bar and Lounge.

Images below:  Michael G Ingram

Images below: Michael G Ingram


Before I continue to talk about how much I can’t get enough of the Porter Hotel and disclose that I was not paid to say any of this, can we have a moment of silence for the room service? The way things arrive on a breakfast tray makes me feel like I can take on any challenges in the world…particularly with their French Toast…currently drooling.

It’s hard to believe I’ve now been here several times, and still have yet to enjoy the full amenities of what Porter offers…their spa! *sigh…guess I’ll have to go back.

One of my favorite parts about treating myself in Portland is the fact that it’s a comforting and affordable city to enjoy what some of my favorite luxuries are.


So there it is my loves, a fun weekend or perhaps a romantic getaway, or even Galentines option, check the list and enjoy Portland Ambrosia style!

Comment below if you enjoyed this list and want more, cuz Mamma’s got all kinds of ideas!!

Until next time my darling!