How to End Procrastination

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Today is the day! The day I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone and choose to do things a little differently. I'm talking about procrastination...which I have Mastered throughout the years. 

Why do we procrastinate? 

It's the world we've created, partake in, and thrive off of...think about it. I have not only learned to develop, but now thrive when I wait till the last minute to create. 

Now I am no expert and this is all an observation through years of stress, late nights, self-pity, and YEP...procrastination. 


journal pic.JPG comes the time to prepare yourself to NOT procrastinate. Lets jot things down in list form to keep it simple!


1. Create space to plan. Make a commitment you cant refuse by setting a reoccurring event for yourself alone! Hey, I didn't say this would be easy, but common we are all given the same amount of time every day. Make this a priority and set your ongoing date, say once a week, to quietly slip away for 2 hours and get to planning.  


2. Get a calendar. Awe ya! I said it, the most ridiculous, hilarious, or inspiring ol' skool calendar and hang that thing with pride. Hang it someplace you'll actually SEE it! 


3. Set a goal and date it. Give yourself a realistic timeframe and use a RED pen, then mark it! Underline, BOLD, circle, draw something. Whatever it takes to make it not only stand out, but allow your brain to process what is about to happen.


4. Now create a checklist of what you need to make this goal actually happen. Do you need time to research? Interview? Create a file of photos? Mark those in your calendar walking backward from your calendar GOAL! 


5. Get specific. Set not only the date, but time. Now create an alarm to remind yourself the time is coming and you need to COMMIT to dropping what you're doing, turn off the TV, and leave what you know distracts you. I even set a warning alarm to start wrapping things up so I don't get trapped in the abyss and end up getting flustered or worse...distracted.  


6. As with anything else that comes to matters of the heart, mind, spirit...there are simply times we cannot will ourselves to create or commit when we aren't feeling inspired. What do we do then? Keep those tools sharpened! YouTube, Goggle, Instagram the peeps you look up to or relate to the most. 


7. Most importantly, make sure you schedule downtime. I have found that when I literally schedule downtime it feels like a victory of choice rather than time wasted or lost. 


Try these out and let me know what you've learned about yourself. Maybe you find something that works better even! I'd love to hear about it, and like I said, this is what helps me...the one who has been procrastinating starting a new BLOG that is unrelated to my ridiculous obsession with the hair world! You can find more about this here:


Until next time my friends! I already have it marked on my calendar.



-Ambrosia Carey