Blooming into Bravery


Do you ever come across someone who seems to have all the answers and you think, ‘They must have it all together naturally.’ All the time right?!

Did you know this is now my thrid BLOG? Where are the others? We don’t know, because I didn’t understand my point…it was a Dear Diary, a place to rant, and nothing about it gave any kind of information. Don’t even get me started on the projects I’ve never completed….which could also be seen as a failure or time wasted. What if, instead, it was all part of the plan? Maybe practicing the dicipline of pivoting and being flexible was point of the exercise? (Think Karate Kid, “wax on, wax off.)


Well, I am here to reassure you that ALL businesses go through growing pains and it’s the failures that allow us to grow and develop. Blooming Bloggers created “Blooming into Bravery” so we could talk about those moments of failure. I have learned that failure is the result of trying, taking risks, and practicing the art of being brave. One of my favorite moments of our event was hearing the stories of so many brave souls sharing their moments of frustration and failure.

The owner of Vent provided us with a space for this inspiring event to not only host, but share a compelling story of how she learned through working with the failed attempt of bringing a private investor on board. She learned through a failed business opportunity how to responsibility maneuver around challenges not stop, but pivot her plan. Today she has a gorgeous little jewelry shop nestled in a highly sought after part of Portland off Division.


The minute I met Amy, owner of Johnston Style, I knew she was the perfect example of not letting failures get the best of her. Just look at the perfect stacked cookie arrangement and attention to detail for our black and white themed event!

Not only is Amy’s vision for creating the most beautiful ensembles inviting and friendly, but her personality lights up the room.


Talk about a platter almost too beautiful to eat, Love Shovel aka Food
Art Love was founded by Shannon Sims, who believes and practices holistic health and wellness. I had a chance to visit with her and learn more about her company, and was surprised to find she’s extremely knowledgeable in sustainable and wellness practices. She event teaches sessions and coaches personalized dietary theories! Her story is incredibly brave, as it was fueled by the loss of her Mother to cancer. Speaking with her was a wonderful reminder to me that we all have a purpose on this planet…what we take and give back has an impact.


I’m sure you’ve heard the latest craze with CBD, and we had the opportunity to meet The Brothers Apothecary who have created several ways to ingest Cannabidiol depending on your preferences. CBD has anti-inflammatory anticonvulsant, antioxidant, analgestic, and antiemetic effects. (So many A words!)

To learn more about what The Brothers Apothecary offers, check out their website linked above and visit their Q&A page.

Okay, can we not agree that an event is just not the same without a fun photo-booth? Smirk just got a really fun upgrade, they now offer a selfie station! With just a tap, you can choose what kind of photo you want to take and how you want it sent! Talk about convenience, it doesn’t get any easier than that…

We had the opportunity to team up with a few of our favorite brands so all attendees could have a chance to try. One of the most important factors for me when it comes to aligning with a company is the care and attention to detail behind the brand. Some of which were Patchology with two of their top selling eye gels, and Sunglass LA featuring some of their looks from their 90’s collection. Lastly the Vino! Underwood sponsored us with their delicious and convenient grab and go canned wines. Don’t let the can fool you guys, the wine is delicious!

Capturing the moments are equally important and Shawna Dullanty has been one of my go-to photographers for the past couple of years. She not only makes me feel comfortable in front of the camera, she is open to creativity and brings a lot of ideas to the table!


*Photos above: Shauna Dullanty

Major props to the ninja of video production and photography. CJ, founder of Klaxon has been a professional videographer for the past 18 years, working with anything from large corporate campaigns to starter companies like us!


Check this out to see an example of a video he put together for us in lightning speed. CJ’s professionalism, punctuality, and attention to detail is hard to find in this fast paced digital world.

*Photos series: Klaxon


I read recently, over 600 thousand small companies started in 2018, and over 500 thousand failed. Now, more than ever, imagine the impact having an inner community could bring. We all have failed, but it’s the determinate to get back up and take those failures as another win. It is, after all, taking yet another step toward growth.

I look forward to our next failures and successes my friend.