Pack Less & Travel Easier

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Okay guys, so I think we can all agree that traveling is a lot of fun, but getting there can be a pain, and even worse...the PACKING! Ughhh

Well, guess what, you're in luck! Today I'm gonna break down all of my little travel hacks, including some of my go-tos that has me fully packed for a 5 day getaway all in my little carry-on!

That's right, I said carry-on. Why? Due to the amount of connecting flights these days...and don't even get me started on International flights, the chances of your luggage arriving safely (or at all) run a much higher risk anymore. Trust me, I've been there, and it's not fun...lots of forms, extra time in a dingy airport, and of course no clothing or toiletries for the rest of the week.

Before I dive into this, lets talk about what you have on your physical body, since this will have a lot to do with what, or what's not going into that bag.


What to wear

1. Comfortable pants: Preferably jeans with stretch or boyfriend jeans. They tend to be the bulkiest for packing, eliminate that space and travel with it on your body.

2. Layer shirts: I tend to wear a cotton t-shirt and a button-up over since a lady needs her options, and we just never know what conditions the airport or carrier might be in.

3. Grab that jacket: Even if you're going someplace sunny and tropical, you will still be in AC conditions...or it may get cold at night. The ONLY exception is when traveling to a destination you know you'll be purchasing a new coat & you know you don't want to pack an extra jacket. I often like to drape my jacket across my lap to use as a blanket. I hate to break the news, those "complimentary blankets" airlines offer have not been laundered. Eww

4. Put a hat on it: Not only will it save your packing space, but serves as a great accessory to travel with in switching up the look of an outfit from day to evening. I would also add, it serves as a great sun blocker when your neighbor at the window seat didn't get the memo that it's nap time.

5. Scarf: A scarf has saved my hinny countless times. It serves as a coverall when your jacket is on your lap. You can fold it for customizing your neck rest. It makes a great accessory to your outfit woes. It can even serve as a shrug for your dress or tank...which is especially important if you're visiting a place with a dress code requiring shoulders to be covered.

6. Sneakers or zip-up boots: Generally the bulkiest pair of shoes should be worn on the plane, but not if it's a complicated order when it comes to taking on and off. When it comes to security, unless you have TSA, wear shoes that can be taken on and off with ease.

What to pack

1. Basics: Never underestimate the power of the basics. I have a rule, if I can create more than 1 outfit with each item, it's coming with me, Basics are perfect for layering and can be dressed up easily as well!


2. Jewelry: Talk about an outfit maker, jewelry can make an outfit look entirely different depending on how it's paired. *Side note of how I carry my jewelry, in an organized pouch, which I'll link below.

3. Sneakers: These days sneakers are a go-to for just about any outfit and will save your feet from being on the go. They are a a fail safe for unexpected excursions, a list minute hike, or run.

4. Solid Cotton Dress: I can't tell you how many times a solid cotton dress has saved me. Weather its laying shirts over, partnering with a blazer, or wearing on it's own. There are multiple uses a light weight cotton dress can give. The bonus is it can be rolled into a compact space and take next to no room!

5. Blazer: Similar to sneakers, a blazer can be equally adaptable. From jeans, to slacks, to dresses; a blazer is a high priority take-along.

6. Romper: Okay, so I know it's slightly complicated when it comes to bathroom breaks, but hear me out. A romper can cover just about any season and be reasonably dressy and casual at the same time. In cooler months, try bringing a pair of tights and partner with your romper and voila, more options.

7. Staples: Lets just admit it, we have some articles of clothing we know just simply work for us. As long as the rule (talked about in Basics) applies.

And there it is my little chickadees, tips on how I take the stress out of packing and rules I follow to cover my bases. Comment below to share any tips or questions you might have.

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